1. Haukijärvi
  2. Flags for Place
  3. Deep Listening
  4. Deep Listening II

  1. Reading Radical Botany / Cyclonopedia
  2. Listening  Boulgod / Mego Editions / Soave
  3. Walking  Royal Park 

  1. Home Economics

Exogamy —
  1. the custom of marrying outside of a community, tribe or clan. 
  2. the fusion of reproductive cells from distantly related or unrelated individuals; cross-pollination.
  3. Artist duo exploring radical collaborations: Ana Tiquia & Christian Bishop.


Exogamy — Radical collaborations

“Since each of us was several, there was already quite a crowd.”
(Deleuze & Guattari – A Thousand Plateaus)
Exogamy (est. 2019) is artist duo Ana Tiquia and Christian Bishop. Their collective name refers to the custom of marrying outside of a community, tribe or clan.

Exogamy is our collective vehicle for transdisciplinary production of multi-species, post-capitalist imaginaries. We use collaboration as a tool for dismantling colonial, patriarchal and capitalist relations that encode human and more than human relationships as oppositional and binary. Exogamy is a practice that insists upon radical collaboration: between ourselves, other humans, landscape, and the more than human.

As Exogamy, our collaborations have manifested as visual and sonic artworks, installations, deep listening exercises, and live and participatory work. Our work is site-specific and emphasises improvisation, spontaneity, and adaptation of materials and ideas in our local and immediate context.

We live, work and practice in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia) on the unceded sovereign lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations.