1. Haukijärvi
  2. Flags for Place
  3. Deep Listening
  4. Deep Listening II

  1. Reading Radical Botany / Cyclonopedia
  2. Listening  Boulgod / Mego Editions / Soave
  3. Walking  Royal Park 

  1. Home Economics

Exogamy —
  1. the custom of marrying outside of a community, tribe or clan. 
  2. the fusion of reproductive cells from distantly related or unrelated individuals; cross-pollination.
  3. Artist duo exploring radical collaborations: Ana Tiquia & Christian Bishop.


1. Haukijärvi

Haukijärvi, 2020
Arteles Creative Centre, Finland

           Haukijärvi is a site specific solo exhibition held at the Arteles Creative Centre in rural Finland. Photography, found objects, assemblages and experimental printmaking thread together a dialogue between ourselves and place. The setting for Haukijärvi is a small traditional Finnish sauna, a coming-together-place of birch timber, water, and the interplay of human bodies and relationships. We used this intimate setting to display work we created in collaboration with birch trees and ice in the Finnish mid-Winter. An experience for a single viewer at a time, Haukijärvi acknowledges our deeper connection with the natural world beyond its exploitation as a resource.